Training entrepreneurs looking to do business catering to clinical needs

We provide business support coordinator training and enhance human networking skills. Furthermore, we nurture highly-skilled researchers and specialists looking to cater for clinical needs.

1.Formation of a clinical-industrial network

  • Established coordinator network
  • Nurturing coordinators who understand production needs and seeds
  • Vocational training within school education curriculum
    (Newton Project support etc)

2.Specialist and highly qualified technician training

(1)Specialist training

  • Run MOT (Management of technology) class
  • Host seminars for engineers
Case examples

Manufacturing seminar (gauging technology)
Pharma Valley science seminar

Fuji Medical Engineer Training
Manufacturing seminar
(Measuring technology)

(2)Technician training

  • Conduct Fuji Medical Engineer Training
    (For small and medium sized companies)

3.High level researcher training

  • Research collaboration in the medical, nursing and engineering fields with partnership universities
  • Drug discovery researcher training
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