Quality medical staff training and training system enhancement

We provide training systems to nurture medical staff to better satisfy patients and their families.

1.Quality medical staff training

(1)Nurturing medical staff and securing doctors

  • Established the first hospital-run specialist nurse training school in Japan (Shizuoka Cancer Center)
  • Implementation of a training system utilizing a medical team of multiple professions
  • Formation of a specialized cancer-centric multi-profession residency program (11 different fields)
Specialist nurse training
The greater psoas muscle training system

(2)Joint health care staff training with Shizuoka Sangyou University

2.New medical and health care IT system

  • Development of a new electronic medical record system
  • Management of an Online General Cancer Advice Q&A web site
  • Development of a cancer patient support map web site
Online General Cancer Advice Q&A
(Only in Japanese)
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