Assisting local industries enter the health care market

We have been assisting local industries with entry into, and the starting up of health care related businesses.

1.Helping companies enter from different industries

  • Hold training classes and consulting regarding drug legislation
  • Find and encourage entrepreneurs wishing to get into the generic medical device production field
  • Assist the growth of companies looking to become a certified medical device manufacturer
  • Promotion of new product development at medical device development consortiums
Case examples

Tokai Buhin Kogyo Co. Ltd made the transition from automotive parts manufacturing to medical equipment production

New service proposition

Case examples

Creation of a third party regulatory agent by Fuji Pharma Co., Ltd

From screws for automotive applications to screws for medical applications

2.Expansion of existing industries

  • Creating opportunities by matching new product seeds with local industries’technology

3.Encourage entrepreneurship and new ventures

  • Consulting and assistance for start-up businesses
  • Enhancing the functionality of the Business Incubation Center for Entrepeneurs
  • Assistance for collaborating with financial institutes and investment funds
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