Global expansion endeavors

As well as enhancing the sales promotion network that Pharma Valley Center built, and providing sales and development support, Shizuoka Prefecture is looking to strengthen it’s relationships with other clusters on a global scale. Taking advantage of the synergy effect, we want to promote product commercialization and industrialization and spread the products, systems and know-how gained from the project, all around the world.

1.Steps towards development of a sales channel
– Selling products and technology“made in Mt. Fuji”to the world –

We provide sales assistance to increase market competitiveness not only domestically, but also internationally.

(1)Enhancement of the medical equipment development and sales promotion platform

Medical equipment development and sales promotion platform

(2)Make-up of the product promotion network

  • Advice from a coordinator on how to develop competitive products both at home and abroad
  • FDA and Pharmaceutical Affairs Act of Japan approval application assistance and the supplying of information on how to obtain CE marking etc
  • Overseas sales promotion and sales channel consultation with advisors with global industry experience
  • Establishment of globally accessible product information web sites (in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean)
    Mt.Fuji Channel URL:
  • Assistance in breaking into the global market and language support
International exhibition
(International Modern Hospital Show)
Mt.Fuji Channel Website

2.Enhancing ties with related organizations and clusters both domestic and overseas clusters

(1)Promoting collaboration among the three clusters known as the “Shizuoka Triangle Research Cluster”

  • Food Science Hills in the middle part of the prefecture
  • Photon Valley in the western part of the prefecture

Collaboration among the Shizuoka Triangle Research Cluster

(2)Promoting exchange with other clusters outside of the prefecture

◎Hosting the Biotechnology Cluster Exchange Association conference

  • Encouraging exchange between the advanced bio-clusters of Japan

Exchange regions: Saitama-Prefecture, Kurume-City, Hokkaido,Mie-Prefecture, Shiga-Prefecture, Osaka-Prefecture, Kobe-City,Tokushima-Prefecture, Tottori-Prefecture, Fukuoka-Prefecture,Kumamoto-Prefecture, Okinawa-Prefecture etc.

Biotechnology Cluster Exchange Association conference

(3)Promoting exchange with overseas clusters, medical institutes, research institutes etc

a Human resource exchange and joint research with overseas clusters through training seminars

Exchange countries: USA, France, Ireland, Taiwan etc

b Communication and information share with medical institutes and research institutes abroad

◎Global expansion through the International Shizuoka Cancer Conference hosted by the Shizuoka Cancer Center

  • Invitation of cancer researchers from around the world to share information

◎Communication with Chinese medical institutes

  • Mutual visits to Zhejiang province medical associations etc, and personnel exchange
  • Acceptance of trainees from China through the Japan-China Medical Association
Communication with French Bio-cluster

Global expansion(exchange partners)

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