Bringing together health and medical industries

We are striving for the improvement of traffic infrastructure in Shizuoka Prefecture to lure industries and research facilities in the health and medical fields from many locations in Japan and abroad, to the Mt. Fuji area. We believe utilization of the abundant natural resources will lead to the creation of many new products.

1.Inviting companies from around the world to the foot of Mt. Fuji

(1)Urging highway network enhancement

  • Pushing construction of the new Tomei Expressway and Izu Longitudinal Expressway
Izu Longitudinal Expressway

(2)Promoting medical field industries to move into the area

Case examples
  • Beckman Coulter, Mishima
    Olympus Terumo Biomaterials Corp.
Pharma Valley industrial park(Nagaizumi-cho)

(3)Tailored industrial estate development

2.Industry promotion utilizing abundant local resources

Case examples
  • Utilizing the scent of roses to analyze and aid in the reduction of distinct odours associated with cancer
  • Wasabi (Japanese horse radish), tachibana(citrus tachibana) scent content analysis and possible application research
Roses from which fragrances will be extracted
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