Mount Fuji(the Pharma Valley Initiatives)

Concentrating medical and health industries from a wide range of fields

During the first five years of the project (first strategic plan period), we focused on building up the fundamental infrastructure and support systems. Then, during the 4 year growth period (second strategic plan), on this foundation we moved our focus to utilizing the advanced manufacturing technology of local businesses, the region’s natural resources, and encouraging local industries to join the project.
The 10 year autonomous development period (third strategic plan period) commencing 2011 marks a time where we progress on to the formation of an industrial cluster centered around medical institutions with a view for manufacturing, human resources, urban planning and global expansion. Our goal is to deliver locally produced “Made in Mt. Fuji” products both to Japan and the world.

Commencement of the third strategic plan

Strategy1 Manufacturing to cater to clinical needs

Strategy2 Human resource supporting medical care and industry

Strategy3 Urban planning facilitating high level health support

Strategy4 Promoting Global expansion

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